be there for them.

I will talk about Lupus and disability. Lupus because my mom passed from complications due to Lupus and disability because I as well as my mom..we’re disabled. My sister..God continues to bless her..she isn’t. Today last year my mom physically left this world but the soul is she is definitely around here somewhere. Lupus is an invisible illness..nobody could tell she was sick and nobody knew how sick she was. I believe my mom died of a broken heart. I believe that it started to break when her grandma Amy died. Broke more when her mom Regina died. & broke even fucking more when I became sick. Her heart was breaking then with an already weak mom Claudette was diagnosed with Lupas. She left her job, she didn’t quit..she left. She left her job, I left school (I didn’t quit I left) Before mom helped alot of and friends, she helped alot of people but when she became diagnosed with the illness..she didn’t really receive much help in return. She received some help and we are thankful for that but it wasn’t much. It wasn’t alot of physical help.But I didn’t come to bash or send out negative vibes. I came to tell you be there. Be and check on them. Don’t hold a grudge that’s corny. Doctors always bring up exercise and a healthy diet. & I totally agree but I want to add mental stimulation..a healthy mental. Rest in peace to my mom Claudette.

2 thoughts on “be there for them.”

  1. ❤Rest in peace your beautiful mom Claudette and may her spiritual presence help guide you everyday❤God bless you through unimaginable loss there’s unimaginable love too ❤

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