Your experience is not mine

Experiences may vary πŸ‘‘ pt 1

I can only speak about my own experiences because I am the only one that these things have happened to. As you all can see..I am an African American woman and I am disabled β™Ώ. I do not know where to start or what situation to even start with πŸ€” I guess I will just jump right in..somewhere. I do recieve help from family, friends and home care workers. I have noticed that people enjoy helping but to a certain extent and people choose who to help doesn’t matter if the other person may need more help. I have also noticed that people are easily offended, impatient and extremely sensitive. I have had multiple situations where people have taken offense to what I’ve said but if a different person says the exact same thing as offense is taken. I am considered mean and because of my disability..a picky and hard person to work with. People do things to you or talk to you in a manner that they wouldn’t want to be treated like or talked to. People don’t look at what you have been through and conclude “this may be why they’re acting this way” they just part ways and join others who’ve parted ways and talk about your character and why they 2..had to leave. People don’t talk about what was done to trigger you..they only discuss what you’ve done. Tell the entire story..not just the part that makes you the victim.

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