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People and their opinions πŸ™„

I am always told “damn you skinny, do you eat?” That’s annoying all the time, not even some of the time πŸ™„ Of course I eat..I’m just small..that’s all.Weight issues? It does hurt my feelings alittle because I literally have trouble gaining weight, and once I do gain weight, it is hard to keep it. I have been the same weight since high school..110 lbs..I am now 114 lbs πŸ€— Guess what?!I am happy about the small weight gain, but I know it will be short lived, as it is hard for me to keep any amount of weight. I deal with a lot..I have a balance disorder Check this out ❀ and I always feel as though my illness becomes a burden to people, so I’m not as active as I once was. My mom has a ton of health issues as well that I don’t wish to talk about without talking to her about it first..but we are both down at the moment and I feel as though I can not help her as much as I would like..we aren’t able to really help out each other..but we are doing the best we could.
People always have their opinion about another without knowing their story. You commented on my weight without knowing that I struggle with it..or caring enough to ask without passing judgment. You see a person that does not fit your idea or image of what a person is supposed to look like..and you make them hate the skin they are in. Look, He made people different. Different struggles, different shapes, shades, sizes..different everything. So don’t even cry about not fitting the image of a perfect person, because they do not exist..their make believe people that only exist in the minds of insecure, unhappy people. The word beauty is universal..meaning that it differs from person to person..Don’t try to fit in..stand out, even if that means you’re standing alone at first.

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