Seven Says 🥰

well, I don’t even know where to start..there ain’t much to say 😓 Umm, my name is Ny ❤ And just because it’s my favorite number besides 3, you can call me S E V E N. I do like people in the business I do not disclose..I’m private but open so anything you want to know just ask don’t assume. everyone has an opinion right? It’s not always the opinion that works in their favor. But everybody has one.. I have one too so here’s mine ☺ enjoy & THANK YOU ❤

p.s: I’ll be posting about my health..my lyfe and random poems a lot like a lot a lot ok see ya 👌🏾

So I Have Ataxia..

So as you can tell by the title.. yes I have ataxia. you probably won’t google it though lol but, yeah I have that. they never really said ok Ny your diagnosis is ataxia, they kinda just ruled it out like ok well it can’t be this so it must be that. but anyway I didn’t want to disclose this information and I still don’t, but hey what the hell right? anyway I didnt wish to tell anybody this info because I was, an still am..scared. I was/am embarrassed…

How I view certain aspects of Life..

so this is how I view my life. well, not my entire life but certain aspects, really the bad parts. I imagine or view or whatever, I just picture it, like..like a mountain. no, life ain’t no small ass ant hill lol it’s a big, strong, hard to climb.. treacherous mountain. one you just want to turn around and say “man fuck this shit” but you can’t! na you just can’t..turn around?.. give up?..

What I live by…

I have no fear of death itself but a death without meaning

Huey P Newton