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The soul lives forever 🕊

I pray that death wasn't hard for you, I know that life was. I wonder what are you doing right now, what do you think of me right now? Did you feel death coming? Were you afraid? Anything done alone must be scary but did you know it was going to be your last day… Continue reading The soul lives forever 🕊


It is truly impossible to be that..

I use to want a guy that knew me before Ataxia but now I prefer someone who is just getting to know me now with Ataxia. I don't want to be judged by how I was before this unfortunate brain injury..I want to be judged for the person I am today. It is impossible for… Continue reading It is truly impossible to be that..


Happy Thanksgiving Mom ❤

I'm grateful for alot but what I am must thankful for is have called you Mom. I love you mom so much and nothing have been the same without you. Birthdays..holidays..nothing. We didn't celebrate much but we were around each other on special days. We were just enjoying being around each other. Doing absolutely nothing… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving Mom ❤