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People and their opinions 🙄

I am always told "damn you skinny, do you eat?" That's annoying all the time, not even some of the time 🙄 Of course I eat..I'm just small..that's all.Weight issues? It does hurt my feelings alittle because I literally have trouble gaining weight, and once I do gain weight, it is hard to keep it.… Continue reading People and their opinions 🙄


Was I suppose to follow it?

Was I suppose to follow it, because I didn't 🤷🏾‍♀️ I heard the noise towards the front of the house..I followed it. The noise moved to the back of the house. I looked back and followed it again. The noise moved to the front of the house again but this time I didn't follow it,… Continue reading Was I suppose to follow it?


be there for them.

I will talk about Lupus and disability. Lupus because my mom passed from complications due to Lupus and disability because I as well as my mom..we're disabled. My sister..God continues to bless her..she isn't. Today last year my mom physically left this world but the soul is she is definitely around here somewhere. Lupus… Continue reading be there for them.