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sometimes I cry 😢

I use to be ashamed.. I use to look for anyone else but myself to blame.. I use to want to die, I hoped and wished for that shit.. I use to feel so damn ugly I use to feel a burden I use to believe that I was holding everyone back.. and I… Continue reading sometimes I cry 😢

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Mental Health 🧠

Along with Ataxia, I also have arthritis and anxiety. I don't claim the last two because to me they are minor. They're really minor compared to having Ataxia, it's Cerebellar Ataxia, it's Rheumatoid Arthritis and it's social anxiety... I am not comfortable talking about the sad and painful shit I go through daily and alone,… Continue reading Mental Health 🧠

Things You Should Know..

How I view certain aspects of Life..

so this is how I view my life. well, not my entire life but certain aspects, really the bad parts. I imagine or view or whatever, I just picture it, a mountain. no, life ain't no small ass ant hill lol it's a big, strong, hard to climb.. treacherous mountain. one you just want to turn around and say "man fuck this shit" but you can't! na you just can't..turn around?.. give up?..

Things You Should Know..

So I Have Ataxia..

So as you can tell by the title.. yes I have ataxia. you probably won’t google it though lol but, yeah I have that. they never really said ok Ny your diagnosis is ataxia, they kinda just ruled it out like ok well it can’t be this so it must be that. but anyway I didn’t want to disclose this information and I still don’t, but hey what the hell right? anyway I didnt wish to tell anybody this info because I was, an still am..scared. I was/am embarrassed...

I Pray 🙏🏾, videos you should watch

Treatment not Jail. I read an article today regarding the inmate population at Rikers Island in New York. It mentions that officials are trying to shutdown the prison but the shutdown will not happen until the conditions time to become worse. Plans are being implemented early 2022 in hopes to prevent further damage and more over… Continue reading Treatment not Jail.


Unfinished thoughts.

I am in pain. I am going through something and you literally notice nothing? You don't notice the signs of a person who've tried and tried and smiled and laughed but failed to gain happiness or peace. A person who wants to hasten shit up because #1 they want to die and 2 they feel… Continue reading Unfinished thoughts.

Your experience is not mine

Experiences may vary 👑 pt 1

I can only speak about my own experiences because I am the only one that these things have happened to. As you all can see..I am an African American woman and I am disabled ♿. I do not know where to start or what situation to even start with 🤔 I guess I will just… Continue reading Experiences may vary 👑 pt 1