Don’t live for ‘what if’

Live for the now. Accept yourself the way you are right now. Don't get yourself down by thinking and looking and hating the life you live now. I truly believe that I am unattractive and that I will never find a partner. I honestly believe that no1 will see me, the way that I see… Continue reading Don’t live for ‘what if’

Things You Should Know..

Hi I’m Ny ☺

Ok so I've never officially introduced myself or my blog. I've never really said where I've gotten the name for this blog or anything. I guess I just popped out of nowhere and started saying whatever. Well I apologize for that and my name is Ny although the name of this blog is Seven Says.… Continue reading Hi I’m Ny ☺


Why must I constantly remind you of my illness?

My sickness is visible. You can tell I'm sick by the way I talk, the needing of assistance to walk. Why do I find myself constantly repeating "yeah I have a brain injury" or "yeah I do forget at times" it's almost as if no one believes me even though they can clearly see it.… Continue reading Why must I constantly remind you of my illness?