Happy Thanksgiving Mom ❤

I'm grateful for alot but what I am must thankful for is have called you Mom. I love you mom so much and nothing have been the same without you. Birthdays..holidays..nothing. We didn't celebrate much but we were around each other on special days. We were just enjoying being around each other. Doing absolutely nothing… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving Mom ❤

videos you should watch

I lied alil bit I said that I would record throughout the day but I guess that was a little lie lol I didn't think to wake up and instantly start recording idk how people do it for real 😅 so here is a video of when I remembered, I'm trying to record and document my speech ❤… Continue reading I lied alil bit

Things You Should Know..

I think I’ve reached the Plateau.

Hi once again I'm Ny 👋🏽 As you may or may not know..I have this thing called Ataxia. It interferes with my balance and my messes with a lot of aspects of my body but those are the two main things that were affected, in my opinion. Anyway, I think I reached kind of… Continue reading I think I’ve reached the Plateau.