I Pray 🙏🏾, Thoughts

The soul lives forever 🕊

I pray that death wasn't hard for you, I know that life was. I wonder what are you doing right now, what do you think of me right now? Did you feel death coming? Were you afraid? Anything done alone must be scary but did you know it was going to be your last day… Continue reading The soul lives forever 🕊


Unfinished thoughts.

I am in pain. I am going through something and you literally notice nothing? You don't notice the signs of a person who've tried and tried and smiled and laughed but failed to gain happiness or peace. A person who wants to hasten shit up because #1 they want to die and 2 they feel… Continue reading Unfinished thoughts.


While working on yourself.

While working on yourself you will [  ] Breakdown [  ] Have setbacks Everything must be brought up to be fixed. You have to face it and it will be hard but it has to be faced head on for you to get over it. Once you've handled it,faced it,resolved it..let it be done. [ … Continue reading While working on yourself.