Show love, it’s better that way.

I don't like when a person says but you know I love you. Ok, but do I see it? Do I even care that you claim that you love me when I don't see it..i don't feel it. You don't have to buy anything, I prefer time anyway because it's free lol sike na 😂 seriously though, like I mentioned before you can not get time back once it runs out. You can't get time doesn't start over..give them your time because in my opinion it means more than a gift. Have you ever put mad thought into a gift anyway? Have you ever made a gift? I'm asking that because it's cheap lol sike na..I am not cheap 💅🏾. But seriously...

Things You Should Know..


Sometimes I just want to be alone. Other times, I want some attention from others. I know it has something to do with every new diagnosis I hear from these doctors. It's like a never ending feeling of sorrow. It feels like no one can relate to me either. I see that people only do… Continue reading Seriously?!

Things You Should Know..

It is hard being disabled..

It is hard being disabled 😥 it is hard to find a genuine person these days..and when you find 1, you have to hold onto them. I have been sick now for about 5 years and I cannot name 1 person who was consistent and loyal to me. I've come across people who seemed like… Continue reading It is hard being disabled..