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Will my Prayers ever be answered?

I'll be a fool to think that anything we're going through is fake. I'll be a fool to overlook what's right in front of my face and say that it is not real. GOD..MOM..GRANDMA..you guys, I ASK THAT YOU PROTECT ME..I ask for the strength,knowledge and understanding to see things for what they truly are.… Continue reading Will my Prayers ever be answered?


I honestly do not know

I'm laying in my bed still..it is 10:42 a.m. I am once again in alot of pain. I can see my window..I'm looking out of it asking "is this how it will be?  Is this my forever life? Will I be sent help?" I never once gave up on myself..I love myself..but I look at… Continue reading I honestly do not know

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Finally able to upload this!! 👑♿

https://videopress.com/v/WHqv9mQf?resizeToParent=true&preloadContent=metadata I tried to upload this so many times and wordpress.com finally allowed me ♿❤ I was just reflecting and asking God for the strength to carry the weight of life. I was asking my mom for understanding. I was thinking back to the care I've received throughout the years and came to my own… Continue reading Finally able to upload this!! 👑♿