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Just a video & I would like to thank me This was shot on my phone. My mom passed away September of last year 2020 of complications from Lupas. She was 47. She worked hard to make me as independent as possible, I didn't understand what she was doing or why she was doing it but looking back I now understand everything and I… Continue reading Just a video & I would like to thank me


I am so thankful. Thank You ❤

I am so happy and thankful that it doesn't even feel right. I am still in some kind of pain but this pain is different. It's like...I can't even begin to describe it 👌🏾 I just want to say THANK YOU!  Thank you God for everything, thank you for my two good hands, thank you… Continue reading I am so thankful. Thank You ❤

Things You Should Know..

Things are looking up. FINALLY

Everything seems to be heading in the direction I wanted it to go all along. I won't go down the list of everything but just know it's working out. I woke up in alot of pain this morning and I would always blame the weather but recently I've been giving thanks to my pain. I… Continue reading Things are looking up. FINALLY