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People and their opinions 🙄

I am always told "damn you skinny, do you eat?" That's annoying all the time, not even some of the time 🙄 Of course I eat..I'm just small..that's all.Weight issues? It does hurt my feelings alittle because I literally have trouble gaining weight, and once I do gain weight, it is hard to keep it.… Continue reading People and their opinions 🙄


Was I suppose to follow it?

Was I suppose to follow it, because I didn't 🤷🏾‍♀️ I heard the noise towards the front of the house..I followed it. The noise moved to the back of the house. I looked back and followed it again. The noise moved to the front of the house again but this time I didn't follow it,… Continue reading Was I suppose to follow it?


Unfinished thoughts.

I am in pain. I am going through something and you literally notice nothing? You don't notice the signs of a person who've tried and tried and smiled and laughed but failed to gain happiness or peace. A person who wants to hasten shit up because #1 they want to die and 2 they feel… Continue reading Unfinished thoughts.