People make time for what they feel is important💋 (repost)

That's true, you may not want to believe it. You may say that it slipped your mind or that you were to busy to remember. May say that it was alot on my mind..at that time, but I wasn't. People make time for what they deem important and I'm not, I wasn't. I can not… Continue reading People make time for what they feel is important💋 (repost)


No Secret..

So, it is no hidden secret that I have ataxia. I ain't tryna hide it..I ain't embarrassed. Ataxia is basically a balance disorder. Ataxia is a autoimmune disease, which means that the body is attacking itself. I say "the body" because the body doesn't belong to you. The body belongs to God and you were assigned to it, the only thing that truly belongs to you in my opinion is your soul. That is something God gave to you unlike the body which was assigned to you..respect the body because God will want it back.


Be Genuine.

I go through some shit i just don't show it I am stressed but you won't even know it You'll assume that everything is ok Because I don't cry to you or act all helpless in ya face I cry to myself Show worry behind ya back I massage my aching joints..see I do all… Continue reading Be Genuine.