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People and their opinions 🙄

I am always told "damn you skinny, do you eat?" That's annoying all the time, not even some of the time 🙄 Of course I eat..I'm just small..that's all.Weight issues? It does hurt my feelings alittle because I literally have trouble gaining weight, and once I do gain weight, it is hard to keep it.… Continue reading People and their opinions 🙄

Things You Should Know..

Because I do not fit your standard of beauty

Because I do not fit your standard of beauty..because I am "different" I should be locked away? I should be put into some sort of facility? I embarrass you? Sick and different people cramp styles, are not to be shown publicly? Don't be like that. Don't think like that. Don't pass judgments and don't make… Continue reading Because I do not fit your standard of beauty

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Full stomach Empty mind.

So, he who shall not be I will just refer to him as that old man. Anyway that old ass man said he can’t do it ’cause he’s in a people that’s wheelchair bound can’t do shit? People in wheelchairs ain’t good for nothing? We should just be counted out, because we’re in a wheelchair? Look, I didn’t… Continue reading Full stomach Empty mind.