Things You Should Know..

It’s called karma..

People often wonder why things whether good or bad happens to's called karma, have you heard of it? I believe that when you do good without expecting something in return..something good will happen to you..unexpectedly. When you do something bad, just know it's going to come back. It's called darma (I think I spelled that right) have you heard of it? Have you heard of darma? Darma determines..


Stay relaxed 🧘‍♀️

Stay in a relaxed calm state of mind. Keep the energy around you positive and not loud or chaotic. Are you able to think in a chaotic room? No. Can you handle business when loud chaos is surrounding you? No, you will be distracted. A person needs stillness. A person needs peace and quiet. A… Continue reading Stay relaxed 🧘‍♀️

Things You Should Know..

Canine Companion UPDATE:GOOD NEWS 😀

Soo, I recieved a positive email from Canine Companions for Independence! I am approved to be futher examined to be accepted for the waiting list to receive a therapy dog 😅 That's a big step for anyone applying to receive any kind of therapy anything. I felt this same way waiting to hear back from… Continue reading Canine Companion UPDATE:GOOD NEWS 😀