I Pray 🙏🏾, Poems

To be continued..please read

Dear you guys, are you listening or am I praying for my health? Am I talking to myself? I know that You are always around. Patting my back, wiping my face, doing mad shit to cheer me up when I am down. I get emotional but the tears, they do not fall. I be thinking of… Continue reading To be continued..please read


Just whatever.

Just let me vent..through my pen..words written down..these words may not make any sense..but whatever..im not used to someone actually listening to me..my pain..how my heart feels..what's on my mind..you know, that kinda shit..you know my name is Nyasia? Ny for short..you knew i wasn't born this way? In a wheelchair, i mean..look, I feel… Continue reading Just whatever.


You won’t be accepted.

I just want you to know that you ain't going to heaven. Did you think that you were? Well you're not 💅🏾 That's not me jumping to conclusions or trying to judge..I'm just saying, you're not going to heaven. Look, you're not doing anything on this earth now..so why would you be wanted in heaven? What makes you special? Leaving your sick loved ones to fin for themselves? Heaven don't need selfish individuals being up there..taking up space. Im just saying, what are you doing that is so spectacular that you would be needed in heaven? Probably nothing.