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New Beginnings ❤

I'm actually writing this in October. I'm super excited for this new year for some odd reason 🤷🏾‍♀️ idk what to expect though..I'm just excited and ready. Ready for what? Ready for anything, I guess. I'm changing my number to my mom old line and I've already started telling my doctors what number I can… Continue reading New Beginnings ❤


How are you? 🧠 mentally?

I just want to check up on your mental. How are you holding up? I know that things are weird now...well weidER. And to think 🤔 I didn't believe that things could get anymore weird. I thought that things were the weirdest they'll ever get...guess I was wrong. People are proving to be weird and… Continue reading How are you? 🧠 mentally?