It's hard to remain sound when everything around me is so loud. How can I quite down and release my anxiety..remain still when everything and everyone around me is so anxious and moving.


Stay relaxed 🧘‍♀️

Stay in a relaxed calm state of mind. Keep the energy around you positive and not loud or chaotic. Are you able to think in a chaotic room? No. Can you handle business when loud chaos is surrounding you? No, you will be distracted. A person needs stillness. A person needs peace and quiet. A… Continue reading Stay relaxed 🧘‍♀️

Things You Should Know..

Naturally decreasing inflammation

I find that blueberries help. Blueberries help fight the inflammation naturally. I buy organic blueberries and I eat the entire container. I probably don't have to consume that many blueberries but they are really good so I eat them. I drink alot of water too. Water has always had a refreshing taste. My mom don't… Continue reading Naturally decreasing inflammation