Unfinished thoughts.

I am in pain. I am going through something and you literally notice nothing? You don't notice the signs of a person who've tried and tried and smiled and laughed but failed to gain happiness or peace. A person who wants to hasten shit up because #1 they want to die and 2 they feel… Continue reading Unfinished thoughts.


Don’t live for ‘what if’

Live for the now. Accept yourself the way you are right now. Don't get yourself down by thinking and looking and hating the life you live now. I truly believe that I am unattractive and that I will never find a partner. I honestly believe that no1 will see me, the way that I see… Continue reading Don’t live for ‘what if’


Where would you be with out me? 🤔

I often ask myself this when being ask obvious questions. I'm rarely talked to but remembered suddenly when asked simple questions like "where the milk at?" or "can you buy this, I've reached my spending limit for today." I've never been awakened by music playing loudly while cleaning. I've never been wakened up by the… Continue reading Where would you be with out me? 🤔