Things You Should Know..

I’m excited for this new journey!

I'm excited for this new journey! I stopped everything when my mom died. At that moment I felt like half of me died. She would be so upset at me for letting myself go. My goal is and always will be to make her smile and happy. I know now that she wouldn't approve of… Continue reading I’m excited for this new journey!


While working on yourself.

While working on yourself you will [  ] Breakdown [  ] Have setbacks Everything must be brought up to be fixed. You have to face it and it will be hard but it has to be faced head on for you to get over it. Once you've handled it,faced it,resolved it..let it be done. [ … Continue reading While working on yourself.

Things You Should Know..

Obedience is hard so Sacrifice must be easy 🤔

I was watching a video on YouTube of DMX. I can't remember what it was called but he was saying how hard obedience was and of sacrifice being easy. I've never thought about it before but obeying something is really hard. Idk why obedience is so hard but it is. I mean I've been battling… Continue reading Obedience is hard so Sacrifice must be easy 🤔