No Secret..

So, it is no hidden secret that I have ataxia. I ain't tryna hide it..I ain't embarrassed. Ataxia is basically a balance disorder. Ataxia is a autoimmune disease, which means that the body is attacking itself. I say "the body" because the body doesn't belong to you. The body belongs to God and you were assigned to it, the only thing that truly belongs to you in my opinion is your soul. That is something God gave to you unlike the body which was assigned to you..respect the body because God will want it back.

Things You Should Know..

Mental Health 🧠

Along with Ataxia, I also have arthritis and anxiety. I don't claim the last two because to me they are minor. They're really minor compared to having Ataxia, it's Cerebellar Ataxia, it's Rheumatoid Arthritis and it's social anxiety... I am not comfortable talking about the sad and painful shit I go through daily and alone,… Continue reading Mental Health 🧠

Things You Should Know..

Naturally decreasing inflammation

I find that blueberries help. Blueberries help fight the inflammation naturally. I buy organic blueberries and I eat the entire container. I probably don't have to consume that many blueberries but they are really good so I eat them. I drink alot of water too. Water has always had a refreshing taste. My mom don't… Continue reading Naturally decreasing inflammation