I Pray 🙏🏾, Thoughts

The soul lives forever 🕊

I pray that death wasn't hard for you, I know that life was. I wonder what are you doing right now, what do you think of me right now? Did you feel death coming? Were you afraid? Anything done alone must be scary but did you know it was going to be your last day… Continue reading The soul lives forever 🕊


Don’t live for ‘what if’

Live for the now. Accept yourself the way you are right now. Don't get yourself down by thinking and looking and hating the life you live now. I truly believe that I am unattractive and that I will never find a partner. I honestly believe that no1 will see me, the way that I see… Continue reading Don’t live for ‘what if’


How are you? 🧠 mentally?

I just want to check up on your mental. How are you holding up? I know that things are weird now...well weidER. And to think 🤔 I didn't believe that things could get anymore weird. I thought that things were the weirdest they'll ever get...guess I was wrong. People are proving to be weird and… Continue reading How are you? 🧠 mentally?