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Spread love. Don’t BODY SHAME🚫

Hey, I wanted to hurry and write this down before I forget 😊 It is about weight because as you may or may not be aware of..weight is something that I struggled with. I say struggle with a 'd' because weight is something that changes, something that can be changed but the change will not be permanent. So why should I cause harm and permanent damage to this body for something that is temporary?

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Bella said it so it must be true.!

I want to write about my little cousin right quick. Her name is Bella, she's about 2 or 3.. some shit like that, she young. Anyway, Bella had asked me Ny-Ny, yeah family call me But again Bella was like Ny-Ny can you get me a drink? I replied I don't have my chair..I can't she was like (this made me be say aww) she was like I'll go get it..I knooow, that's not's just some words, but those words made me happy.

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Weight issues?

let's talk about my weight because everyone deals with it 😕 you can be "big" find it hard to lose weight be "skinny" can't gain it (I deal with that "not being able to gain it" bullshit) I'm about 5'8 and only weigh 110 lbs (I just gained 4lbs) 😩 I mean I can blame the skinniness on me falling ill (i went down to 95lbs, small? i know) but I have been skinny all my life like I'm twenty something I ain't gaining shit unless I get pregnant and I ain't getting pregnant NEVER! Not with the way the world is anyway. I mean, we are more drawn apart now more than ever before. There is absolutely zero amounts of unity, caring, equality.. fighting for what's right, speaking up forwhat is right, supporting one another, respect for yourself and others. I don't know, maybe it's in the water or the food or the air.. I don't...