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Is it even Ataxia? or Agent Orange?

I don't talk about what I have as being Ataxia. I just say they diagnosed me with having a balance disorder. I rarely say ataxia so I don't talk about it on here alot nor do I speak that shit into existence 🤷🏾‍♀️ I am a firm believer in the law of attraction or the… Continue reading Is it even Ataxia? or Agent Orange?


Show gratitude👌🏾

You have to show gratitude for the simple shit taking place in your life. Stuff that you take for granted on a daily basis, start showing gratitude..that you're grateful for it because just like that it could be taken away. You aren't guaranteed anything in life besides death. You are definitely guaranteed to die one of these be grateful… Continue reading Show gratitude👌🏾

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Bella said it so it must be true.!

I want to write about my little cousin right quick. Her name is Bella, she's about 2 or 3.. some shit like that, she young. Anyway, Bella had asked me Ny-Ny, yeah family call me But again Bella was like Ny-Ny can you get me a drink? I replied I don't have my chair..I can't she was like (this made me be say aww) she was like I'll go get it..I knooow, that's not's just some words, but those words made me happy.